Virtual Reality For Corporate Events

Transform Your Event Into A 21st Century Experience Guest Will Treasure For Years.

Corporate Event VR

Bring your Corporate Events to Life with a selection of impact experiences that are sure to stand our as a star of the show at your next corporate event!

We understand that experiences are a fundamental pillars are clients are looking for when they plan the ingredients of their events.

You want a virtual reality supplier that understands the mix required to cook up an experience that builds on the theme of your event.

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Original Experience Idea!

Give people an experience they have never tried. Still, in 2019, most people have yet to try full quality VR. Let your event be their first!

Designed for moments

Our events are engineered to maximize those highlight, special peaks that you’ll look back on with an amazing feeling.

Smiles and awe guaranteed

There’s not much else quite like VR. Whether you are walking out of a sky scrapper, flying around Google Earth VR or Competing in Fruit Ninja VR.

Each experience we select has passed the runny yolk test and is guaranteed to make your next event pop perfectly.

The proof is in the egg white, Read our  5* reviews.

Cooked to your taste

We spend hours obsessing over choosing the right VR experiences to ensure the  we bring to your event theme to life.

You want a creative fresh VR event experience, delivered reliably with a smile, we’re here to help make that happen.

Leader board Competitions

Create amazing energy in the room with a fun competition.

Thrillers that entertain

Richie’s Plank Experience is just one of many VR games that will have guests standing and staring at the magnificent, very comical antics unfolding.

Google Earth VR Tours

Relaxation and Well-being

Give your guest a physical and mental break in the virtual world. A Breakout that will transport their consciousness to a calming escape.

"For our recent event with Business Insider at the top of the Gherkin, we felt “Richie's plank experience” in virtual reality would be the perfect addition.
We were right! The experience quote literally blew our guest minds. In a room full of some of the most prominent people in the UK tech industry, the Virtual Reality installation turned out to be one of the biggest stars of the night and was a huge talking point at the event.
Steamed Egg's energy and professionalism bought the experience to life while keeping our guests safe.
We'll have no hesitation in working with them again and are excited to see what other VR experiences we can bring to our events in the future. Jason and his team provided a fantastic service, working with us prior to ensure the theme of the experience was relevant to our business and event. Our team thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the night."

Giorgina Kasler, Events & Marketing Manager

Impress your guest and clients with an event experience

What’s Included 

• All virtual reality equipment for your event, including the latest high quality VR headsets: HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and Oculus Go.
• Each VR station host a maximum of 12 people. (Ideal ratios :8-10 people per station. E.g A group of 30 would have 3 VR stations.)
• A Steamed Egg Team Member will be present at each VR station.
• Licensed virtual reality content
• Leader board and competition scoring system
• Full project delivery from inception, support with planning and delivery on the day.
• Travel around the UK.
• Satisfaction guaranteed.
• Support with internal comms and maximizing your events impact.

What You Need

• A Space: Room for your players to go nuts (about 2x2m each station) and area for the team to observe the action. Usually a large board room / meeting room - We can support with this.
• 2-4 Power Plug Sockets
• Access to the space at least 1:15Hrs prior to the start of the event.
Is it someones special occasion? (Promotion/ Leaving/ Birthday/Marriage). Tell us and we’ll make a fuss out of them.
• Reasonable Wifi connection, 5 mbps +
• At Least one 40 - 55 Inch TV per 2 VR station, Ideally one per station. to see the action in full glory
• Your A-Game!
• That’s it, these are super simple to organise!

Delight your guest with an activity they have never tried.

> Unlimited number of guests
>1.5 - 10 hour days
> London and UK wide

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"We were looking for an alternative for our Annual Awards Event to the traditional entertainment. I came across Steamed Egg and it couldn’t have been more perfect for what we were looking for!
Jason and his team provided a fantastic service, working with us prior to ensure the theme of the experience was relevant to our business and event. Our team thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the night."

James Cowan, The Ascott Hospitality Group

Games and VR experiences include: Richies Walk the Plank , Ski Races &  Google Earth VR Races. Add VR Pictionary and a few others and you are in for multiple sensory virtual bonanza that is sure to blow your minds.

Want to jump into wonderland?

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