VRy  Merry  Christmas

Most wonderful time of the year, just got even more wonderful!

It can be hard to think of something new to do for xmas year-on-year. Especially when the theme stays the same!

If you are looking for fresh new entertainment ideas for your 2019 Christmas events, you’re in the right place.

Enter Virtual Reality. . .


Impress your guests with a Christmas experience they’ll never forget!

XMAS VR Events

VR is the ultimate wonder and joy device. It creates excitement and engagement between your guests in a way that promises to make Christmas 2019 one they will never forget.

In combination with our team, who always turn up with a huge smile and enthusiasm for what we do, the VR installation will be a highlight of your event.

Christmas is about magic, so why not take your guess inside it’s magical story.

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Get in on VR while it still have Novelty! Show your guests something they won’t have seen at a Christmas event.

Delight & Excite

Give your guest a catalyst to laugh with each other. There’s something hilarious about watching people in a VR headset.

Leverage the power of competition

For events organisers, competitive installations ar a secret weapon in the hunt to create brilliant energy between guests. Especially when that competition is a Snowball Fight or a VR Ski Slalom!

Customised to fit your theme

We pay special attention to the detail of your VR installation to make it feel like part of your brand and event theme.

What included in your XMAS events package

• All virtual reality equipment for your event, including the latest high quality VR headsets: HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and Oculus Go.
• At events we find each VR station hosts one person every 3 - 5 minutes. On that basisi you can determine how many Stations you might need for your event.
• Each Station is hosted by a Steamed Egg Team Member to look after guest, entertain and ensure they are safe.
• Licensed virtual reality content
• Leader board and competition scoring system
• Full project delivery from idea inception, support with planning and delivery on the day.
• Travel around the UK.
• A satisfaction guaranteed.
• Support with maximizing your events impact internally and on social media (where required).

What we ask you to provide 

• A Space: Room for your players to go nuts (about 2x2m each station) and area for event guests to observe the action. Usually a large board room / meeting room - We can support with this.
• 2-4 Power Plug Sockets
• Access to the space at least 1 Hrs prior to the start of the event.
• Approx 2-3 Hours of your time for project planning.
• Reasonable Wifi connection, 5 mbps +
• At Least one 40 - 55 Inch TV per 2 VR stations. Ideally one TV per station. to see the action in full glory
• That’s it, VR with Steamed Egg is super simple to organise!

Make Xmas 2019 one your guests & clients will talk about for years.

> No maximum number of guests
>1.5 - 9 Hours Hire
> London and UK wide

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" In a room full of some of the most prominent people in the UK tech industry, the Virtual Reality installation turned out to be one of the biggest stars of the night and was a huge talking point at the event."

Giorgina Kasler Events & Marketing Manager
19 Events