Virtual Reality Experiences

For Sustainability & Environmental Awareness

Our Environmental VR events are designed to help sustainability professionals bring their stories to life through visually stimulating, emotionally stirring experiences.

How does virtual reality help with sustainability?

For most of us, the places we hear about in the climate news are hard to feel connected with day to day. Their distance from our urban lives and their scale, are not easily relate-able. It makes these important the issues it hard to keep front of mind.

Virtual reality brings us closer to the places around our planet being affected by human's impact, from the Amazon Rain-forest to Antarctica.
This visibility empowers innovators to paint a picture of a better future; one where their solutions are being deployed at scale to tackle the climate crisis.

Unlike any other medium, VR offers presence with environmental subject matter in a way that is super visual which creates emotional connection.

Topics become memorable, fascinating to discuss with others and ultimately boosts awareness about the most important issues of our time.

“Using virtual reality for our sustainability story was amazing and a highlight of our event, sparking engagement between guests on the day and keeping the conversation alive for days after within our internal team.”

– Martina Jansen, Sustainability Manager, Nando’s –

> Help your audience understand environmental issues

Creating spacial presence with your environmental subject matter, enables you to recall information far longer and more accurately than traditional media.

Interactions in VR can be up to 15% more memorable than through video and 27% more emotionally engaging.

> Deepen emotional connection with your message

No other medium has the power to convey the big picture, or the small one so clearly.

VR gives unparalleled perspective on scale of the earth and offers the possibility to transport people around the planet, climate crisis and it’s solutions.

Whether your goal is to increase engagement within your own team or attract investors to your mission, VR will convey your story in it’s best light. It commands your audiences full attention during the experience and stays with them for weeks after!

> Differentiate your company as truly innovative

Virtual reality is cutting edge technology and for the time being, a first time experience for most people.

Using VR during this point in it’s growth will differentiate your company as forward thinking and innovative with your finger on the pulse.

Novelty also has considerable scientifically proven benefits for memory recollection. Think about the first time you road a bike. . . It sticks out in your mind like a sour thumb along with who, where and what you were doing. This means your event in general becomes even more memorable.

” Jason helped us pick the right content to match our team event – the environmental Google Earth VR tour experiences hit the nail on the head for our suitability awareness agenda.”

–  Marco Santa Marta, UK Sales Manager, Varonis  –

Google Earth VR Tours

Hold our magnificent planet in your hand.  Get perspectives scale of places being affected by climate change from the heights of space, down to the ground.  Google have built our cities and nature in glorious 3D graphics making this the perfect tool to take guests on a tour of your story.

Existing 360 VR Movies

Use a selection of existing, leading 360 sustainability movies to support and enhance your own messages. Wether you are focusing on carbon offsetting, deforestation or reduction in plastics, there’s already some brilliant VR content that exists to bring your mission to life.

Create your own 360 VR Movies

A new generation of 360 cameras empowers entry level film makers like you (and us) to take your audience to the places
your sustainability effort plays out on the ground. Virtual presence connects people with the environmental impacts happening too humans and caused by humans.

Google Expeditions

Imagine visiting the rainforest forest floor, the great barrier reef or witnessing the desertification of Spain, all in 20 minutes.
Google’s expeditions platform is built for educators and allows you to take large groups on a tour to places that matter to your syllabus.
Use existing tours or we will make them with you for your event.

How we can work together to bring your sustainability event to life.

We’ll focus on the outcome you want your audience to leave with. Whether you want the educate or help them to feel emotionally connected to your cause.

Our team will create your VR experience using the tools about that will convey the message the best.

We demo the VR experience to you. Your first hand feedback allows us to tweak the experience and create the final product.

We deliver your experience eon the event day with our passionate team handling everything VR, from the systems to the smiles on our faces.